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                       -- Dec. 7 (I), 1989

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 Headline News  ....................................................  23
 1) The Creation of "Student Affair Group" of  FCSSC ................ 36
 2) Lee Teng-Hwei Promises More Reforms After Election Setback .....  23

Headline News

(1) According to the report by NPR  (  National Public Radio ), the 84 year
    old leader Chen Yun is in critical  ill.   Chen is the architect of the
    bird cage economy and the support of strict communism ideology.
                                  From:   yliang@uokmax.ecn.uoknor.edu
                                          (Yong Liang)
                                  Source: NPR

(2) Dalars Morning  News  reported  today  that  the  leaders  of Front for
    Democratic China met Dalai Lamar in  Paris.  Dalai Larmar is said to be
    en route to receive this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Report cited FDC and
    Dalai Lamar have reached a "Broad Agreement" about the future of Tibet.
    Report didn't mention who participated the talk from FDC.
                                  From:   Q0W3898@TAMVENUS.Bitnet
                                  Source: Dalars Morning News

(3) Sarah Lubman from National Public  Radio's Beijing office, reports that
    the military  training  required  of  all  college  freshmen on Chinese
    campuses is much harsher  than  the  government  has said. Her complete
    report was aired on Morning Edition on NPR this morning (12/6/89).
                                  From:   GREENMAN@MAINE "John Greenman"
                                  Source: NPR 12/6/89

1. The Creation of "Student Affair Group" of  FCSSC

                 -- A group of student volunteers in Canada

FCSSC == Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, Canada
      ==  Quan Jia Xue Lian  (2,1,2,2)    (in Chinese)

The  great  concern of the "family reunion" problem has disturbed
us  for  many  days and  many people have  been affected by this.
The FCSSC has been closely watching the development of this issue
together with you from the very beginning of this matter. And now
a student affair group is created.

This  group  is  formed  by a few volunteers who realize that any
significant  progress  has  to be made by people together and who
would  like  to  devote their time and energy to serve the people
who  may  suffer from this problem, specially the people who have
been actively involved in the Democratic Movement for China.

This  group may not guarantee anything to be perfectly achieved,
but  it will try all the means it can find to pursue its goal and
report any progress made.

In  order  to express the difficulty to Canadian government, this
group  expects all information you, the people who are concerned,
could  provide, the troubles you have met and  your suggestion to
this  problem.  Please  just  "REPORT"  your special cases to the
address  below,  he would like to spend his time to "collect" all
cases but may not respond all mails for the time being.


It  is believed that your involvement can make the change and the
difference.   The  success  of  this group will mostly depends on
your support.

Join this group and do something together!

S.A.G. (Student Affair Group of FCSSC)

2.  Lee Teng-Hwei Promises More Reforms After Election Setback
From:     Huijie <CHENH@IUBACS>
Source:   AP News

TAIPEI, Taiwan - President Lee  Teng-hui Wednesday promised more democratic
reforms after the  ruling  Nationalist  Party's  setback  in Taiwan's first
multiparty elections.

He acknowledged a decline in his party's credibility.

The Nationalists suffered  their  worst  losses  in  40  years  in power in
Saturday's balloting.

The party lost several key local county executive posts and garnered 58% of
the total vote, down from 70% in 1986.

''The decision made by the  voters  was  not  a coincidence,'' Lee told the
party's Central  Standing  Committee,  ''It  indicates  the  various reform
measures undertaken by the government  in  recent  years had failed to meet
the public's expectations.''

Opposition  supporters  ended  4  days  of  massive  demonstrations against
alleged vote fraud after a recount began.

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