[ut.chinese] application

ZPANG@vm.epas.utoronto.ca (pang) (12/13/89)

i would like to contact my name with your network. thank your appention to this
NIt's hard to say what the exact cause of your problem may be, although
Nit seems to be a problem with the linker's trying to combine the files
Ntogether before actually loading them into the lisp.  You can test
Nthis out by combining all your foreign files into a single file and
Nthen trying to load that single file into the lisp.  In your case, you
Nwould do something like:
N % /bin/ld -r -o foo.o rg4r.o contour.o -lF77 -lI77 -m
Nand then try loading foo.o into the lisp.  If the above /bin/ld fails,
Nthen you'll know that the problem is somewhere in the object files or
Nlibraries and not with the lisp.
N	Charley