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1. A Letter from Chairman of FCSSC ................................. 74

1. A Letter from Chairman of FCSSC
                   Dec.18, 1989
                   No.36 (china-can)  

Dear Friends,

I  have been communicating with you through this account for over
half an year since our 'China-can' network was created at the end
of  June.  As I have finally finished my M.S. program in Univ. of
Manitoba  after  two consecutive delaying from May to December, I
will  move to Toronto Tomorrow (Dec.19, 1989) and therefore, this
account will be probably closed forever.

This half an year is by no means easy to any Chinese national. As
our  dear  motherland  faced  its biggest crisis, as thousands of
innocents  died  in  Tiananmem  Square and along ChangAn Ave, the
street  I  used  to  ride  bicycle  with my classmates when I was
studying at TsingHua University.

We,  Chinese students in Canada, didn't stay aside. We sacrificed
our  academic  life  (  I know quite a few students who postponed
their  defense,  comprehensive examination, and even be forced to
quit  school, and most of them have never thought of 'doing poli-
tics' as their professional objectives). We sacrificed our summer
vacation, we also run into the danger that our relatives in China
may get trouble.

We  achieved  a lot, we in the first time united Chinese students
and  scholars  in Canada under the flag of FCSSC. We are proud of
that  as  we played our part in the all-world democratic movement
for China.

 As  an  ordinary student like you, I am so glad I did what I can
in this historical event to serve the country and also serve you.
At  the  same time, due to lack of experience; knowledge of demo-
cracy and social work; time and energy, I also have made numerous
errors,  otherwise,  lots of work could be much improved. Such as
our  FCSSC looks not so professional and influential as our coun-
terpart  in  U.S., IFCSS. I should take part of responsibility of
these.  You  may  feel unsatisfied to some of FCSSC's projects. I
would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to you all.

FCSSC  will certainly continue to carry on the its duties on pro-
moting  democracy  in  China  and  protecting Chinese students in
Canada.  I will certainly continue the work for FCSSC in Toronto.
First I would try to work with students in Ontario area to estab-
lish  a  more  effective  FCSSC headquarter in Toronto. And FCSSC
certainly  will   welcome  any of you to contribute your idea and
talent  to  the  operation  and development of FCSSC, and to take
over  the  positions and carry on our unfinished task in the next
office term.

This message also serves as the warmest greeting on behalf of all
FCSSC  volunteers to you for a merry Xmas and happy new year. For
people  continuing  their  study  we wish him a big academic pro-
gress.  For  people who are looking for a job or who have already
found  jobs (as quite a few my close friends in U of Manitoba who
helped  to  make  the Winnipeg Conference a reality did), we give
them  sincere congratulations and wish them professional success.
Let's  always  keep  in  touch. A better future of China needs us
keep  in touch. To insure the best interest of our fellow Chinese
nationals in Canada society also needs us keep in touch.

 Many thanks to all of you, all FCSSC coordinators and activists,
especially  I thank to FCSSC executives and U of Manitoba Chinese

                                              Xiaohua Qu
                                              Chairman of FCSSC

FCSSC == Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, Canada
      ==  Quan Jia Xue Lian  (2,1,2,2)    (in Chinese)
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1. FCSSC Forum on Democracy Strategy and Work Plans .................... 30
2. Army Urged to Improve Public Image .................................. 71
3. Rumanian Protesters Were Shot ....................................... 20

1.     FCSSC  Forum on Democratic Strategy and Work Plans
by  Xu Zhequn, on behalf of FCSSC

FCSSC's  forum on democratic strategy and work plans will be held
at  York  University, Toronto on Jan. 13,1990. The forum is spon-
sored by FCSSC with other pro-democracy organizations invited.

The main objectives of the forum are: 1) Discuss and work out the
democratic  strategy and future work plans; 2) Promote the muture
understanding  among  the  students  organizations and other pro-
democracy organizations; 3) Discuss the possibility of establish-
ment of a national pro-democracy coordinating committee.

So  far there are students representatives from over 20 universi-
ties  across  Canada  and  Chinese Canadians representatives from
over  7  pro-demo  cracy organizations registering for the forum.
The total number of participants is about 100.

Three guest speakers, Mr.Liu Yongchuan of IFCSS; Mr.Cao Changqing
of  Press Freedom Herald and Mr.Xu Bantai of Chinese Alliance for
Democracy  will  come  as  the  quest speakers and address on the
forum.  Two  of  the  quest speakers, Cao Changqing and Xu Bantai
will  also  be  invited  to  give  speeches in a number of cities
across Canada.

The  organizing  committee  include  Democracy  China-Ottawa  and
Chinese students from University of Western Ontario, York Univer-

From:     IN%"FS300310@YUGemini"      17-DEC-1989     22:16:33.56

FCSSC == Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, Canada
      ==  Quan Jia Xue Lian  (2,1,2,2)    (in Chinese)

[South China Morning Post, Tuesday, December 19, 1989]
[By Willy Wo-Lap Lam]     hkucs!kwchan@uunet.uu.net

 A  just  concluded  conference on political work in the People's
Liberation  Army  (PLA) has called for promoting ideological dis-
cipline  and  improving  relations between the Army and the popu-

 While  serving to build support for the leadership of party Gen-
eral Secretary, Mr Jiang Zemin, who was elevated to Central Mili-
tary  Commission  (CMC) chairman in early November, the seven-day
CMC-sponsored conference also confirmed the growing clout of Gen-
eral Yang Baibing, the commission's newly promoted general secre-

 General  Yang, brother of military strongman President, presided
over the meeting and presented a paper entitled Issues Concerning
Ways of Strengthening and Improving Army Political Work under New

 The  document  listed  endeavours in ten areas to "guarantee the
party's  absolute  control  over the Army" and to ensure that the
rank  and  file  will rally around the "party centre with comrade
Jiang Zemin as its core".

 The  foremost task for the Army is to promote ideological indoc-
trination  -  "the  lifeline  of the PLA" - to make sure that the
Army "remain forever up to scratch in political matters".

 Aside  from  being  obedient  to party directives, the Army must
heed  the  "Four Cardinal Principles" of Marxism and combat bour-
geois liberalisation, Beijing's code word for Western influence.

 In  future, officers will be promoted on the basis of "rectitude
and  ability".   This, the document noted, is to ensure that "the
gun is in the hands of people who are politically reliable".

 Among  the  most  important  recommendations  in  General Yang's
report is to improve relations with the general populace.

 "We  must insist on the principle of officers and soldiers stay-
ing in unison and the military and the people staying in unison,"
the  document  said.  "We must maintain and develop good internal
and external relationships".

 Analysts  say  it  is  the first time that the PLA has admitted,
albeit  indirectly, in an official document that the Army's rela-
tionship with the people has reached a crisis point.

 Following  the  Tiananmen  Square crackdown, the prestige of the
Army has fallen to a record low.

 Under military reforms introduced by ousted party chief, Mr Zhao
Ziyang,  who  was  also  CMC first vice-chairman, the PLA has put
professionalism    and    expertise    ahead    of    ideological

 Analysts  say  the  stress on political work will enable General
Yang  Baibing,  who also doubles as Chief Political Commissar and
member of the Communist Party secretariat, to grasp more power in
both the army and party.

 In  the  meantime,  the  Army's status as China's most important
organisation  is  underlined by a new draft law on the protection
of  military  installations,  which will be discussed at the 11th
meeting  of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Commit-
tee, scheduled to open tomorrow.

 A  spokesman for the NPC standing committee's general office, Mr
Zhang  Husheng,  said yesterday that since 1980, more that 90 NPC
deputies  have  repeatedly proposed the drafting of such a law to
help    protect    the    country's    military    installations.
[Agence France Presse]
[South China Morning Post, Tuesday, December 19, 1989]

 Anti-government  protests  over the weekend in the Rumanian city
of  Timisoara  may  have led to heavy casualties, with one report
suggesting "at least 1,000 people were killed and 200 wounded" by

 Two  Wyrian  medical  students  employed in a Timisoara hospital
claimed to have counted the dead in the hospital morgue.

 "We  saw  at  least 1,000 bodies during Sunday," one of the stu-
dents said.  They had all been shot, he added.

 The  students spoke to Agence France Press after leaving Rumania
for Yugoslavia, via the border town of Vatina.

 However,  reports  of  the  number killed varied widely and none
could be confirmed.

... (detail please see original (very long report)).

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