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                       -- Dec. 29 (I), 1989

Table of Contents
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 0. Brief News  .......................................................  35
 1. PRC Arrest Five Men for Smuggling Political Activists  ............  36
 2. Effect of Change in East Europe Is within Europe, Implies China  ..  25
 3. Beijing Announces New ID Scheme  ..................................  31
 4. Romanians Celebrate Christmas for 1st Time in 42 Years  ...........  44
 5. Developments in EE and SU: Soviet Congress Denounced
        Past Wrongdoings  .............................................  24
The last CND of 1989 will be on 12/30, the first CND of 1990 will be on 1/2.
0. Brief News
From: tang@ssurf.ucsd.edu, liu@LPF.UMD.EDU and ls2r+zhiyong@andrew.cmu.edu
Source: Various Newspaper and Soc.Culture.China, 12/23-26/89

San Diego Union -- In a dispatch from Beijing, Tanjug [Yugoslav News Agency]
quoted  unidentified diplomatic sources as saying the Communist Party Polit-
buro had discussed ways of  presenting  the  Romanian  developments  to  the
Chinese  public  without "rocking the boat."  It said security forces in the
Chinese capital were put on first-degree alert when news  of  the  rebellion
was finally announced.

    [A CND reader called his friend who works in a  ministerial  unit.  This
was  in yesterday midnight, 14 hours after the announcement of the execution
of Nicolae Ceausescu. His friend was on an emergency meeting reading an  em-
ergent  call  from  the  party, which said all Chinese people should stay in
calm (Wen3 Zhu4 Qing2 Xu4) for this event.]

Washington Post -- some students in Beijing University put up a poster  say-
ing that Ceausescu is a dog, and implied the same for Chinese dictators.

Voice of Free China -- General Secretary of the  Federation  for  Democratic
China (Minzhen), Mr. Wan Runnan, arrived in Taipei for a 12-day visit to the
Republic of China.  Wan is scheduled to meet  several  political,  academic,
business  and  other  leaders in Taiwan during his visit.  He will also take
part in many discussions related to the democratization of China.

Wall Street Journal -- China will cut by nearly half  the  number  of  rural
people  allowed  to move into cities next year.  The Chinese Daily quoted Xi
Zhongsheng of the State Commission for Reconstructing the Economy as  saying
2.5  million  people  will  be  permitted  to  change  their status to urban
residents, down from the usual 4.8 million registration changes  last  year.
Mr  Xi  said the tighter controls will help keep urban unemployment under 4%
next year.

1. PRC Arrest Five Men for Smuggling Political Activists
From: tang@ssurf.ucsd.edu and kwchan@hkucs.UUCP (Chan Ki Wa)
Source: San Diego Union, 12/26/89 and HK Newspaper

    China said yesterday that it had arrested five men from  Hong  Kong  and
Macao  and smashed an underground escape network helping dissidents flee the

    State television said the  five  were  caught  trying  to  help  smuggle
"hooligans"  responsible for pro-democracy unrest in June out of the country
to the British colony of Hong Kong.  It warned that  the  men,  regarded  by
Beijing as subject to its laws, could be punished severely.

    Television said Hong Kong businessman Luo Haixing [Law  Hoi-sing  on  HK
newspaper],  40,  was  detained by police in Shenzhen in October, accused of
trying to smuggle political activists Chen Ziming and Wang Juntao out of the

    Mr Law is a son of Mr Luo Chengxun, also known  as  Mr  Luo  Fu,  former
deputy  editor-in-chief of the pro-Beijing Ta Kung Pao and former editor-in-
chief of the pro-Beijing New Evening Post.

    In 1983 a Beijing court sentenced Mr Luo to 10 years' jail on charges of
"leaking  state secrets" to the US.  He was released three years ago but was
not allowed to leave China.

    Mr Law, owner of a China trading company, had been missing since October
16 after going to Guangzhou to attend the city's Autumn Trade Fair.

    Mr Law is the second Hongkong resident to be charged by  Chinese  police
in connection with last spring's student led democracy movement.

    Hongkong student Mr Yao Youngzhan, an alleged leader of the movement  in
Shanghai, was arrested by that city's Public Security Bureau last June.

2. Effect of Change in East Europe Is within Europe, Implies China
From: kwchan@hkucs.UUCP (Chan Ki Wa)
Source : South China Morning Post 12/24/89

Beijing -- China's Foreign Minister yesterday said  events  in  East  Europe
were  destabilising but expressed optimism that an easing of superpower con-
frontation would lead to a long period of peace.

    Foreign Minister Qian Qichen said "drastic changes" in East Europe "have
accumulated  new elements of instability in the East-West relations and will
produce a far-reaching impact on the European situation".

    He denied that the collapse of  communist party rule  in  East  European
countries was an ideological defeat for the left.  "Socialism has not failed
and there is no ground to claim a success of capitalism either."

    He said military confrontation between the two superpowers had  subsided
in  the second half of the 1980s, "and it has become possible to see a rela-
tively long period of peace".

    Mr Qian's comments, to be carried in the next edition of the news  maga-
zine Liaowang (Outlook), were excerpted by the official New China News Agen-

3. Beijing Announces New ID Scheme
From: kwchan@hkucs.UUCP (Chan Ki Wa)
Source : South China Morning Post 12/24/89

Agence France Presse

Beijing -- China plans to issue 16-digit identity numbers to every man, wom-
an  and child as it computerises data on all its 1.1 billion people, the of-
ficial China Daily reported yesterday.

    Similar numbers will also be issued to every workplace and community  in
China,  in a move designed to guarantee social security of Chinese citizens,
the newspaper said.

    "Any records in connection with a person will be coded with  the  digit,
which  is unique and permanent to the user," it said, quoting an official of
the State Bureau of Technical Supervision.

    The project coincides with efforts to computerise  data  in  China,  the
newspaper  said,  though the official acknowledged that it would take a long
time to complete.

    China has already issued identity cards -- each bearing 15-digit numbers
--  to  more than 600 million adults.  Their use became mandatory this year,
just as the state launched a nationwide crackdown on dissent, corruption and

    The authorities already keep tabs on all Chinese through lifetime  indi-
vidual files maintained by each citizen's workplace.

4. Romanians Celebrate Christmas for 1st Time in 42 Years
From: cs519905@CAESAR.CS.UMN.EDU (Aaron Y. T. Cheung)
Source: Associated Press, 12/25/89

Bucharest -- Romania's  provisional government Monday appealed for a  cease-
fire by pro-Ceausescu forces who killed thousands in vicious battles.

    And Christmas carols rang out here for  the first time in 42 years.  Ra-
dio  Bucharest  played Christmas songs and carols Monday, for the first time
since the Communist takeover in December 1947.

    Scattered fighting was reported in Bucharest and other cities, but  pub-
lic transit was back in operation 3 days after Ceausescu was overthrown.

    Heavy explosions boomed near  the  Intercontinental  Hotel  in  downtown
Bucharest and volleys of sniper fire were answered immediately with staccato
bursts of automatic weapons.

    There were reports up to 80,000 had died and 300,000 were wounded  since
the popular revolt began Dec. 15.

    If accurate, the Romanian uprising would be the bloodiest anti-Communist
revolt,  its  death  toll  far eclipsing that of the Hungarian revolution of
1956 in which about 30,000 people are believed to have lost their lives.

    While Bucharest was generally quiet Monday, radio and TV reported fight-
ing in the southwest suburb of Drumul Taberei and around the Ministry of De-
fense building.

    Hungarian radio and Yugoslavia's Tanjug news agency also reported fight-
ing  Monday  in  Timisoara,  the  western  city where the uprising began, as
Ceausescu loyalists barricaded themselves inside a militia building.

    Still, street cars  and  trolley  buses  resumed  service  in  Romania's
fourth-largest city.

    Tanjug also reported serious fighting in Arad, near the Hungarian  bord-
er, and the central city of Sibiu.

    In Geneva, the toppled Romanian president Nicolae Ceaucescu and his fam-
ily  have US $400 million of gold stashed away in Swiss banks, La Tribune de
Geneve newspaper reported yesterday.

5. Developments in EE and SU: Soviet Congress Denounced Past Wrongdoings
From: tang@ssurf.ucsd.edu
Source: San Diego Union, 12/25/89

    Soviet legislators, in an emotionally charged meeting yesterday [12/24],
condemned  the  Stalin-Hitler  pact that divided Eastern Europe into spheres
before World War II.

    The Congress, heeding President Mikhail Gorbachev's instruction to  fill
in  the  "blank  spots" in Soviet history, said the secret agreement between
the two leaders violated "the sovereignty and  independence"  of  other  na-

    The lawmakers also condemned the secret protocols to  the  1939  Soviet-
German  Non-aggression  Treaty,  which included a map delineating Soviet and
German areas of interests, as "legally untenable and invalid from the moment
they were signed."

    In a flurry of activity on the session's final day,  the  Congress  also
denounced  the  Soviet  military sweep into Afghanistan 10 years ago and the
use of force against demonstrators in the April 9  crackdown  that  left  19
people dead in the Georgia capital of Tbilisi.


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