[ut.chinese] so many mad, can you believe?

ANSHANLI@vm.epas.utoronto.ca (anshan) (01/13/90)

there is a piece of news from TORONTO STAR(Friday, Jan., 12, 1990). A FEW BRAVE
Hundreds of Beijing residents streamed into the square yesterday, now that the
martial has ended....Most remarkable of all --- after the killing , arrests, th
reats and bullying propaganda of past months --- were the few who came to prote
st: victory signs flashed in a crowd, whispered confessions of hatred against t
he government, sporadic shouts of anger, and a batch of fresh wall posters.
   One old man in a Mao suit was able to shout the question many had come to Ti
ananmaen yesterday to try to answer: "How many did you kill?" he screamed at a
remaining sentry.
   "The living shouldn't die anymore but you can't bring back the dead," he sho
uted, his frenzy cut short by a scrum of police. He was, they said later, crazy
. A woman who spoke to British TV crew was also dragged away. She, too, her cap
tors pronounced, was crazy. (By Andrew Higgins, special to the STAR)