[ut.chinese] Confirm again

wangt@math.toronto.edu (01/18/90)

Dear netter:

The enclosed is the reply from the director of ISC, Mrs.E.Paterson
regarding to a recent issue of China News Digest.

Please attend this meeting if you can.

Ti Wang 
                   Letter from E. Paterson   Jan. 18, 1990

I don't know where the Federation gets its information but it is wrong! There
is no general meeting in Ottawa. There is a meeting here for U of T students!
(3 pm at ISC) I had logged on to remind you in fact. I am pleased to report tha
t representatives of External Affairs and Immigration will be coming from Ottaw
a. Also someone from Ont Region Immigration and a local official. They will be
able to discuss policy in China as well as here. Also I think students will be
pleased with the procedures that  have been worked out locally for managing
applications. Please remind all interested students to attend.


Subject: Jan. 17 (II), News Digest
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                       -- Jan 17 (II), 1990

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On FR Issue 
from  SAG of FCSSC
via  WANGRQ@SSCvax.McMaster.CA 17-JAN-1990 09:54

FCSSC == Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, Canada
      ==  Quan Jia Xue Lian  (2,1,2,2)    (in Chinese)

    We  are  informed  that  international  student's advisors of
Canadian Universities will meet in Ottawa on January 18, discuss-
ing the problem of family reunion concerning Chinese students.

    We  suggest  that  all  Chinese people who are concerned with
family  reunion  go  to contact with your international student's
advisors,  tell  them  your  concerns  and problems (TRY TO BE AS
SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE) and ask the advisors to bring your concerns
and  problems directly to those officials who are responsible for
making  policies. In this way, we can at least get some clear and
direct reply.

    With best wishes.
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zhangj@ecf.toronto.edu (Jun ZHANG) (01/18/90)

Thank you very much for the information.

Jun zhang