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1. Important Information on Immigration Matter ........................ 99

1. Important Information on Immigration Matter 
by  ND correspondent in Vancouver

Today, immigration officers came to UBC campus to answer questions
about family reunion and many other things. The following are a few 
points (according to the memory):

About family reunion:
1) Family reunion is an important issue in Canadian external affairs.
   In 1973, premier minister Trudeau and premier Zhou Enlai made 
   agreement to easy this problem for families in both countries.
   There have been about 40,000 people come over to Canada since then
   for family reunion.

2) The following family reunion policy applies to any Chinese who 
   applied PR and have received AIP letter. Family members include 
   spouse and children only.

   Currently Canadian Embassy in Beijing puts the family reunion in a
   very high priority. No interview or medical exam will be required
   for family members to come over to Canada to reunion. The procedure 
   is the following:

   Only a single application form needs to be filled at the CIC office 
   where you made PR application. It will be passed over to Beijing. 
   Once the Beijing Embassy receives this form, they will directly send 
   relevant document to your family members in China. Some supporting 
   document are required at the time of application, such as marriage 
   license and the birth certificate of your children.

   For those husband and wife both are in Canada but have a little 
   child left in China, they can name anybody to escort their children 
   to Canada. The escort person will be given a visitor visa for this

About travel to China:
1) By international convention and the agreement between Trudeau and Zhou 
   Enlai, Canadian government has no legal right to a person who has
   PR status in Canada and has Chinese citizenship if the person goes 
   back to China. This include the case that if you visit China and 
   Chinese government does not permit you exit, Canada can do nothing 
   to protect you.

2) By international law, if a person with multi-citizenship is not permitted
   to exit within a country of which he/she has citizenship, Canadian
   government can not do anything to protect him/her. That is, after you
   get Canadian citizenship, when you go to China and have trouble, Canadian
   government can do nothing to help you if you still have Chinese

   By international law, if a Chinese, who has the Canadian citizenship 
   and no longer have the Chinese citizenship, goes back to China and is 
   not allowed to go back, Canadian government can bring the case to the 
   Chinese foreign minister.

   By Chinese law, once a Chinese obtains the citizenship of another country, 
   he/she automatically lose his/her Chinese citizenship.  However, cases 
   did happen that some Chinese went back to China after obtained Canadian 
   citizenship were not permitted to exit, and Chinese government insisted 
   in that they still have Chinese citizenship, although Chinese law says 
   the opposite. 

   The best way to avoid this is to get a letter from Chinese consulate or
   embassy, before your leaving for China, certifying that you no longer 
   have Chinese citizenship because you have obtained Canadian citizenship, 
   and bring the letter to CIC office.

About supporting other people to come to Canada
1) One has to be a PR or a citizen to support family members or relatives.
   This does not applied to the case that a Chinese, WHO has applied PR and 
   has received AIP letter, apply for FAMILY reunion (not relatives).

2) There are two classes i) family class, including spouse, children, 
   parents and any sister and brother who has never been married to anyone; 
   and ii) relatives, including uncle/aunt, brother/sister, grandparents 
   and grandchildren ... as well as the "spouse to be".

3) Family class do not have to meet the point system, while relative
   class must meet the point system selection criteria. Also one must have
   certain amount of annual income in order to be qualified to support
   other people to come to Canada.

About other things:
1) It is very important for every Chinese student to maintain legal status
   in Canada, even after received AIP letter. Renew visa and work permit
   before they expire.

2) If your passport is to expire and have problem to renew it from Chinese
   consulate/embassy, get a letter from them or write a letter yourself to 
   CIC office. A special permit will be given for you to stay legally without

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