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                       -- Feb. 9 (I), 1990

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News Brief ............................................................. 16
1. Information Exchange on FR Issue (I) ................................ 14
2. Bush Official Draws Fire In House As For China Policy ............... 49
3. China Says No Change In Communist Monopoly Of Power ................. 49
4. Information Exchange on FR Issue (II) ............................... 33
5. Reader's Comment .................................................... 26

News Brief 
Source: BEIJING (UPI) February 07, 1990
From: "Jian Ding" <IZZYQ00@OAC.UCLA.EDU>

  China,  reversing long-standing claims it faces no major threat
from  AIDS,  finally   acknowledged  Wednesday  the  ailment  has
infected   more  Chinese  citizens  than foreign residents and is
spreading. ...

    The   Ministry   of Public Health report said that by the end
of  1989 the virus  had been detected in 153 Chinese citizens and
41  foreigners  since  it  began  keeping  records on the ailment
several years ago. ....

1. Information Exchange on FR Issue (I) 
From: PC CHIEH (CHEMISTRY) <chieh@watdcs.UWaterloo.ca>

I  just  got a verbal message from the local MP (member of parli-
ment).   In one meeting, Waterloo students indicated that spauses
from  other  countries  than China had difficulty in applying for
visitor  visa  to  enter  Canada.  His advices is that the spause
should  apply in the same maner as if he or she is in China, that
is to apply for minister's permit.  If the spause apply for visi-
tor  visa,  and  the  embassy found out that the other spause has
applied  for  landed  immigrant status, visa will not be granted.
There is a regulation against such application.  Please circulate
among the students and scholars from China here.

2. Bush Official Draws Fire In House As For China Policy
Source: (AP) News 08 Feb 90
From: (Yagui Wei) yawei@ucs.indiana.edu

    WASHINGTON  -  Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger
got  a  rough  reception  Thursday from the House Foreign Affairs
Committee as he de- fended the White House's China policy.

    Eagleburger  called  Bush's  efforts the most likely route to
long-term moderation of the Beijing regime.

    Meanwhile,  China Thursday declared it wouldn't accept ''wan-
ton attacks'' on its human-rights record by the U.S.

    It  also  said  a  State Department report on the issue would
''do further serious harm to Sino-U.S. relations.''

    Foreign  Ministry spokesman Jin Guihua dismissed as ''utterly
ground-  less'' charges of widespread human- rights violations by
the U.S.-based human rights organization Asia Watch.

    The annual State Department human rights report has yet to be
released,  but  congressional  sources in Washington say it, like
the  Asia-Watch  report, harshly criticizes China's repression of

    Eagleburger's  message didn't sell well Thursday to congress-
men upset by China's bloody crackdown on dissenters.

    ''The  president  has isolated him- self in Congress and with
the  American people with a policy virtually lacking in credibil-
ity,'' said Rep. Sam Gejdenson, D-Conn.

    The  chairman  of the panel's Asia subcommittee, Rep. Stephen
Solarz,  D-N.Y., called Eagleburger's December mission to Beijing
''one  of  the most misbegotten missions in contemporary American

    Eagleburger  argued  that hopes for change in China rest with
reformers  in the country's leadership rather than the masses who
demonstrated in and around Tiananmen Square.

    ''The  process of reform in China so far has been largely led
from  the  top,''  Eagleburger  added,  asking  for patience from
lawmakers to give Bush's efforts time to bear fruit.

    In repeated votes, Congress has rejected Bush's policy toward
China as insufficiently sensitive to human rights concerns.

3. China Says No Change In Communist Monopoly Of Power
Source: Associated Press Writer, 08 Feb 90
From: Fangzhen Lin <lin@Neon.Stanford.EDU>

    BEIJING  (AP)  -  The  ruling  Communist Party, rejecting the
reforms  undoing communist rule in the former Soviet empire, said
today  that  it  has no intention of surrendering its monopoly on
power and claimed overwhelming popular support.

    A  strongly worded editorial in the party's official People's
Daily  made  no  mention of the Soviet Communist Party's decision
Wednesday to end its constitutional guarantee of leadership.

    But  the  commentary  was  an  obvious response to Soviet and
Eastern  European  moves  toward multiparty political systems. It
branded Western democracies as playthings of the rich.

    The  nationally  televised  evening  news  today  reported at
length but without commentary on the Soviet Communist Party meet-

    However,  it  made  only  passing  mention  at the end of the
four-minute report of the decision to abolish the party's leading
role  and  instead  quoted  Mikhail S. Gorbachev and other Soviet
leaders as defending socialism and the party.

    It was the first detailed report in the official media of the
meeting.  A  Shanghai newspaper Monday ran a brief report without
saying the party's leadership was in question.

    Foreign  Ministry  spokesman  Jin  Guihua,  asked at a weekly
briefing  today about the Soviet decision and how it would affect
Sino-Soviet  relations,  said  only  that  ''this is the internal
affair of the Soviet Union.''

    China  has  taken a sharply divergent path, crushing its pro-
democracy  movement  last  spring  and  then launching a campaign
against all dissent and criticism of the party.

    The  People's  Daily  editorial  said China without the party
would  mean  turmoil and war, national division and suffering for
the  people.  The whole nation has endorsed the ''correct leader-
ship'' of the Communist Party, it said.

    The  editorial  concerned a party document released Wednesday
urging  greater cooperation with eight tiny and powerless ''demo-
cratic  parties''  and promoting China's system of one-party rule
with input from non-communist parties and mass organizations.

4. Information Exchange on FR Issue (II)
From: an ND reader in Montreal

I got your mail about family reunion. Now I have some problem and
need your help. (Editor's Note: the (e-) mail is referred to as
the past FR issues published through ND.)

          I  am  a student in Montreal. I have applied PR and got
the AIP letter in last August and my wife is also here.

Now  we  want to bring our daughter, who is one year old, to come
over  to  Canada  to join us. I phoned local immigration officer,
who  is  in charge of Chinese students immigration affair, to ask
him  how  to  apply  for  this.  He said you just need to write a
letter  to  immigration office. And I asked him I want to let one
of  my  parents  to  escort her to Canada. He said nobody will be
allowed  to come to Canada except your daughter and said Air Line
will take care of your little child.

This  sounds quite different from what you said in the e-mail. In
fact, I don't think China Air Line will provide this kind of ser-
vice.  Obviously,  that immigration officer didn't want to listen
to  my  explanation.  So, what can I do right now. Please give me
some  suggestions. Is this because the different province has the
different  policy?  And  do  you  have any idea about when the PR
status  could  be  obtained  for  those who got interview in last

And  my  mother  will have an international conference in Europe.
She  wants  to  visit  me  from Finland. Do you think she will be
refused  issuing  visitor visa because I am in the status of AIP?
Anyway,  please  give  me  some  suggestions and some information
about these things.

5. Reader's Comment 

Dear friends:

I have been  reading   the   China   News   Digest    and  I can
not express how much I appreciate your effort to re-unite  and to
re-attract  the  attention  to  the  China  problems from all the
Chinese overseas and those who are intereted in China.  ...

Finally,    I  would  like  to suggest the co-ordination of China
affairs  related nets (scc, china-forum, and china-net) which are
for  discussion  into one or at least into a set of nets with the
same  subscription system, such as the China News Digest which is
mainly  for  factual  news  reports  and which has built its high
reputation  after  their  long-term efforts, if possible. Well, I
don't know much about computers but I hope such co-ordination can
be done for conviences and distribution.

Again, I , as a Chinese, offer my warmest thanks for all you have
done  (which  is   the  only  thing I can offer now), and my best
wishes   to  our  electronic  "Times"  and  possible  "Economist"
(the  British  weekly magzine which analyses the important events
happening in the world).

F.-F.  ___ from UK.
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