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wangt@math.toronto.edu (02/12/90)

NEWS UTC                Wuer Kai Xi at UT--Health Concerned
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       Wuer Kai Xi, the famous former student leader at Tian Anmen Square,
visited Univ. of Toronto on Feb.9 and collapsed during his lecture. His
health was concerned by the people here.

       The scheduled public lecture was at 7:30pm in the convocation Hall
of the UT. The host of the lecture, Miss Melissa Young, the external 
commisioner of SAC (student's administrative council, UT), announced
that Wuer collapsed in that afternoon and was unable to attend the lecture
at that moment.

       At about 8:20pm, Wuer managed to show up and gave a speech to about 
1,000 UT students there. His breath was heavy and looked very weak during 
the lecture. But his lecture was successful and full of humor. Wuer condemned
the political system in China and talked about his own role in this democratic

       After his speech, Wuer began to answer audience's questions. Only
after two questions answered, he fainted again and was sent to hospital 
escorted by UT police, the organizer and his friends. His health caused
many students' concern and so far we do not know what happened later. Many
audience were moved to tear and all stood up to send him away.