[ut.chinese] some further suggestions

songw@csri.toronto.edu (Wenyi Song) (02/23/90)

You can find them in the e-mail exchange between qiao@math and me.
With his permission, I post his comments and my reply here.


Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 15:39:43 EST
From: qiao@math.toronto.edu
To: songw@csri.toronto.edu, qiao@math.toronto.edu
Subject: Re:  greeting

I don't want to continue this kind of farce, but you better check your so
called broadcast system first to make sure people won't be bothered by
any unexpect mails.
Thank you.
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 90 22:51:22 EST
From: Wenyi Song <songw>
To: qiao@math.toronto.edu
Subject: Re:  greeting

Thanks for the positive response.

It seems to me from your words that you wanted to alert me on any
unexpected mail. Thanks again for the nice concern.

Unfortunately, I have no way to guarantee it. This is like the "worm"
event shocked the world-wide computer networks a year ago. In layman's
term, this is like a family hoping to block any potential thief.

So what I expect and have so far been not unsuccessful :-) is that everyone
in this local network would help make the best use of it, including not
to let unwanted people know the so called broadcast address and not to
post something that would get other people upset. It's hard to come up
with a detailed and universal agreement of what kind of materials should
not be posted in the mail system. Self-judgement and self-censorship are
probably the only practical means for this purpose, I'm afraid.

This network was created to provide a forum for people to read news about
China and news related to mainland Chinese at U of T and discuss things
that are of common interest. People can come and go as they wish. Any
suggestions and comments are always welcome to make it a more useful and
better channel of communication.

Since your comments are quite helpful for other netters to understand the
potential trouble if they don't use it correctly, I would like to post it
as well as my reply in this mail to the broadcast address. Before I do
that, I want to get you permission to post your private mail. Thanks for
your great help.

With best regards,