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chinc@ecf.toronto.edu (CHIN CHIEN TING) (03/01/90)

There are about 6.8 x 10^36 ways, mostly verbal, sometimes very subtle, 
to insult someone, and one of the 10 cheapest (i.e. with lowest mentality 
requirement) ones known to living human beings, usually used by English 
speaking white men with elementary or lower education level, the words 
'Fuck you idiot', was recently used by a Chinese graduate in the Dept 
of Physic in reply to my message on Feb 28. 
Please note that he intentionally misspelt the work 'Fuck' as 'Fuch', 
may be some of you can explain why someone would do that. I interpret 
it as lack of confidence.
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Fuch you idiot, don't know who norman Bethune is?
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