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1. Discussions on Plannings of June 3 (Sunday) Actions ................. 84
1. Discussions on Plannings of June 3 (Sunday) Actions 
    by  Dennis Lu (VP of FCSSC)
    Date: Wed, 28 Feb 90
    From: LUDENNI@JHEvax.McMaster.CA

FCSSC == Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, Canada
      ==  Quan Jia Xue Lian  (2,1,2,2)    (in Chinese)

   On Feb. 24's  executives meeting, I (Lu Dingzheng) and Yuan Qiang
were appointed to coordinate the June 3 action planning and June 4th 
IDD (Internatinal Day of Democracy) nomination for FCSSC.

 Toronto Association for Democracy is going to nominate May 4-June 4
as the Month of Demoncracy and they plan to have press conference on
this Thursday (March 1) to announce to have the rally in City Hall in
Toronto on June 3rd and then march towards to Chinese consulate. They
also will held a music concert in Skydome on May 9th inviting some
famous rock stars from Hongkong.

   Vancouver Society for Democracy in China is also having the concert
at the begining of the May. And they are going to held a Hunger-strike
on May 17. They are willing to coordinate the actions with FCSSC on
June 3rd. So are other Chinese communities in Ottawa and Montreal et al.

   What should WE do ???

   Human Rights Commission of FCSSC based in Ottawa and Montreal had
started to propose June 4th as the International Day of Democracy. They
have sent out their project to each FCSSC member school to ask your
support and participate to send this package to at least 3 MPs in your
city and ask them to send back a supportive letter to the common return
address listed by March 15. Please act fast.

   What Should WE-the Chinese Students and Scholars from mainland China
do on June 3rd ???

   - Should we march with Chinese Canadians and Canadians on the same
day on EACH Campus, if there is no Chinese consulate nearby.

   - Should we demonstrate alone or invite our undergraduate Union and
Canadian friends together??

   - Should we all do it together at the same time??

   - Should we forget about the demonstration and tell our Chinese
government that we have forgotten June 4th massacre or just tell them
we have given up and I am too busy with my own bussiness?

    OR Should we join in the:

                     Worldwide China Democracy Movement
                     *          TIAN-AN-MEN           *
                     *        THE SECOND YEAR         *

                          JUNE 3RD (SUNDAY),1990
                         Worldwide - Every where
                  DEMONSTRATION against Chinese government
              COMMEMORATION of those died in Beijing a year ago

    Waiting to hear from EACH university Chinese students group - What
you are going to do on June 3rd? Join in the actions or be quite and you
don't want to let the Canadians know your opinions on that?

    I am wating for your discussions on the detail actions and coordinating.

    Thank you for your understanding and involvement.

                                                          -Dennis Lu
                                                          (VP of FCSSC)
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