[ug.general] Rixon TA212A 1200/300 baud modem - how to dial

erin@ug.cs.dal.ca (Erin MacNeil) (04/24/91)

	Hi, I have an old Rixon 1200/300 baud modem here, and a question,
	how do I make it dial :-). I've tried the AT command set, with no
	success. Does anyone know the command set for this modem? (modem
	details to follow). Any pointers would be appreciated, Thanks.

	P/N   905-5123-001
	Series 2

	Front looks like, TR MR SD RD MC TM HS, with 5 buttons
					       AL, ST, RDL, HS, TK/DA

	Back looks like, PROG/FLL, PERM, PHONE

	Anyone know if Rixon still makes modems.. and their address?

	Once again, thanks for any help.

erin@ug.cs.dal.ca	Erin MacNeil