[misc.rural] Locating Friends in Bay Area

wrd@tekigm2.MEN.TEK.COM (Bill Dippert) (10/20/89)

Is there anyone on the net in the vicinity of Sunnyvale who knows Errol
Spangler?  I am trying to find out if he and his wife Chol and their family are
ok or not.  The phone lines are still jammed (I do not know if this net is
operating yet in northern CA?) and do not want to try voice lines until things
improve.  But am anxious to know if they are safe.  Errol works for ROLM (the
telephone people) division of IBM.  They live on Lakebird Drive in Sunnyvale.
The TV news so far has ignored Sunnyvale, so I have no idea whether it was
devestated or not.