[misc.rural] Call for discussion re:: rec.antiques and rec.antique-radio

adams@swbatl.UUCP (4237) (12/28/89)

Mail is *too hard*.  The mailing list seems to be a major pain to keep
running, and outbound mail is unreasonably prone to technical difficulties.
There is, however, a reasonable body of interest in antiques in general.
However, it now seems that antique radio is too specialized for a general
antiques newsgroup.  

Hence I propose rec.antique-radio for the discussion of early radio
news, hints and discussion.  Also, having heard little on the recent call
for discussion for an antiques group, and having suggested people 
join the mailing list I now wish to reignite the antiques discussion.
What I have in mind is a newsgroup for the discussion of antiques and
collectables, their repair, acquisition, value and history.

Please subscribe to news.groups now that the aquaria squabble is over.
Participation and some time could help get this off the ground.  This
is not a call for votes, though it would be nice to get a gauge on the
general level of interest.

Also, for those with problems reading news that have communicated their
difficulties, I'll try to provide bi-directional mail gateways if I can 
get reasonable email reliabity.  I'll have to sort out  who is interested
in which areas.

The antiques mailing list wil continue to operate in the meantime.
send new requests to join to uunet!swbatl!antiques-request.
uunet!swbatl!adams or adams@swbatl.swbt.com     | Tom Adams: 314-235-7459
BOOKS WANTED: pre-1930 radio, electrical & scientific topics.

chguest@pioneer.arc.nasa.gov (Charles J. Guest) (12/28/89)

I would be interested in seeing the creation of an antiques related
newsgroup in the rec.xxx heirarchy, however at this point I do  not
believe that the volume of antique _radio_ postings would be considered
large enough to warrant it's own group.   I would very much like to see
antique radios discussed in the antique group though as this is one of
my interests  too.

If a time comes for a vote ont the name of the group, (to avoid a
xyz.aquaria type squabble), I would be willing to accept the votes.

Please note: followups to news.groups 


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