[u3b.general] 3B2/400 Errors

root@mccc.uucp (Pete Holsberg) (10/20/89)

I walked into lab this morning ans was greeted by a succession of error
messages madly scrolling off the screen:

	WARNING hard disk: cannot recal drive 1
	WARNING hard disk: drive 1 out of service
I rebooted to firmware and the diagnostics (SELF-CHECK, DIAGNOSTICS, and
the ph=20,21,23 of DGMON) all passed.  I rebooted to multi-user and got
the error message:
	/dev/dsk/c1d0/s9 is not a valid filesystem
That guy is my /tmp filesystem and it appears in the VTOC of drive 0,
but of course I cannot mount it.

How can I convert it back into a valid filesystem??

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