[u3b.sources] AT&T 3B2 w/SCSI & Ethernet - FOR SALEE

slaski@netwrx1.UUCP (Robert Slaski) (09/21/90)

AT&T 3B2/400 computer          $4,900 
   configured as follows;
    Floppy disk
    Math accelerator chip
    3 MB RAM
    72 MB disk drives (2 drives)
    Enhanced ports card
    Ports cards (2 cards/4 ports each)
    SCSI host adaptor
    Ethernet controller
    60 MB SCSI tape drive
    UNIX System V.3.1 operating system and utilities
    SCSI host adaptor and tape utilities (no disk utilities)
    Writer's Workbench
    Documentor's Workbench
    Wollongong TCP/IP software and manuals
    UNIX System V.3.1 manuals
    Cabling kit           
    AT&T 3B2 computer manuals
    AT&T 610 System console
    Additional manuals and software sets

    300 MB SCSI disk	additional $1,500

This equipment is approximately 36 months old.  The disks have been
reformatted and the system reloaded. 

Bob Slaski
NetWorks One Inc.
(703) 827-7767