[bu.forsale] Computer Equipment For Sale

ambi@bu-cs.BU.EDU (Michael Amirault) (09/29/89)

 My mailer had problems earlier so this is a repost:


 Atari 520ST Computer System
	1 MEG memory (expanded by EZ-RAM II, expandable to 2.5 megs)
	3 1/2" single sided disk drive
	Z-time clock chip			  
	mouse, 2 joysticks

 Atari SF314 3 1/2" double sided disk drive       
 Supra 20 meg Hard Drive			   	
 Atari SM124 Monochrome Monitor			  
 Atari Sm1224 RGB/Color Monitor			  
 Monitor Master					   
 Avatex 1200 baud modem				  
 Mark Williams C Compiler V 2.1.7		  
 Dr. T's MIDI Recording Studio & MIDI cables      
 Test Drive (game)				  
 Ultima IV (game)				   
 Falcon F-15 (game)				   
 Dungeon Master (game)				  
 The Pawn (game)				   
 Winter Games (game)				  
 Championship Wrestling (game)			   
 MicroLeague Baseball V II (game)		   
 	1987 MLB Team Disk			  
 Gridiron Football (game)			  
 Leaderboard Golf (game)			  
 Ballyhoo (game)				   
 Gauntlet (game)				   
 Programmers Guide to GEM (book)		   
 Atari ST application programming (book)	  


  The above equipment cost me over $2500 new and I'de like to sell it as a
unit for $1500. If I can't sell it as a unit then I'de like to sell as much as
possible. I can be reach by email at ambi@bu-it.bu.edu or by phone (617) 353-
2780 (day) (617) 787-2629 (night).

 Mike Amirault          "If these opinions represented my employer, then I
 ambi@bu-it.bu.edu       wouldn't be saying them."