[sub.os.os9] C-preprocessor under OS/9-68K

reimann@uniol.UUCP (Ulf Reimann) (08/26/90)

High netlanders,

does anybody have some experience in using the OS/9 C-preprocessor's output for
other than compilation?

We are trying to port a program from UNIX to OS/9 which uses the preprocessor
to expand macros and so on.
In UNIX there are a number of directives generated by the preprocessor which
basically tell the compiler about which line in what file to complain about
when it detects an error.
These directives all consist of a single line, beginning with a '#'. That makes
them easy to ignore in case we don't want them.
Now we encounter problems when we expect that to work the same in OS/9.
The preprocessor generates a lot more different directives (some dealing with
information for debugging purposes). But worse: these directives no longer
consist of a single line! They start with a line that begins with '#', but then
some lines of weir information follow. How does one know what is about to
follow such a directive?
We did some experimentation and found out about some of the directives. How can
we know whether we now know all the possible directives and formats?

So, finally my questions:

Does anybody have dealt with the same problem of using the preprocessors'
output in OS/9 (perhaps during development of a compiler)?

Do you have or know about any helpful documentation/information?

Please respond directly via e-mail. If there is enough interest, I'll summarize

Thanks in advance

Ulf Reimann

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