[uci.next] Hard Drive in an OD only NeXT.

rthille@ics.uci.edu (Robert Patrick Thille) (09/13/89)

I recently (today) purchased a Maxtor xt4380s hard disk, and I was hoping
that I could get some information over the net on what I need to do to
install it in my next.
I have a 50 wire ribbon cable with the appropriate connectors, and I looked
inside the next and saw that the power cable is already there ready to be
hooked up.  There are however 14 jumpers on the bottom of the hard drive,
and an 8 or 10 pin connector between the power and the 50 pin.  Does
that have to be hooked up?  I also was looking for tips on how to physically
mount the drive in the case.  Screws, getting the front plate off, etc.

Thanks a million.