[biz.comp.services] The Consultant/Contractor Compendium...

taylor@limbo.Intuitive.Com (Dave Taylor) (09/11/89)

Are you a consultant?  Do you ever hire consultants or contract workers
for specific assignments within your company?

Do you find that the hardest part of your job is finding people to 
consult for and, conversely, finding the right consultant for the job?

Well, there is hope in the wings!  LPI Publishing of Los Angeles has
recently announced that they are compiling a comprehensive catalog
of consultants in many different technical fields, for eventual 
publication in book form.

The categories include the following:

	o Market Research
	o Public Relations/Marketing
	o Facilities Planning and Maintenance
	o Training
	o Hardware (Buying and Selling, Maintenance and Repair, etc)
	o Software
		Operating Environments
			Desktop PC and Macintosh Computers
			Engineering Workstations
			Shared Minicomputers
			Mainframes and Supercomputers
		Programming Services
			Product Design
			Application Programming
			Operating System Customization
			Porting and Migration
			Special Services
		Quality Assurance and Release
			Methodologies and Solutions
			Testing Services
	o Documentation
		Editing Services
		Translation Services

A typical entry will probably look similar to the one I have
submitted for inclusion:

Intuitive Systems

	Specializing in user interface design, internationalization
	and software marketing strategies, Intuitive Systems has
	worked with many of the top corporations in the computing
	industry.  Intuitive Systems was founded by Dave Taylor,
	well known for his work on the Unix operating system and his
	insightful analysis of the computer marketplace in numerous
	professional publications, including "The Sun Observer",
	"The HP Chronicle", and especially through his "whatis Unix"
	column in the "Computer Currents" news journal.

	Intuitive Systems has many unique resources available for
	projects, including expertise in the C, Pascal, Fortran, and
	BASIC programming languages, expertise on Macintosh, PC and
	Unix computers, and a staff of available translators
	including Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, and

Intuitive Systems 
	201 Ada Avenue, Suite 41, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA

        telephone:  1 (415) 966-1151

        email:  intuitive@limbo.intuitive.com (Unix mail) 


If you're interested in further information about this consultants
catalog/consulting source book, please contact LPI Publishing
directly at:

	LPI Publishing -- Mailstop U
	6394 Smoke Tree Avenue
	Agoura, CA 91301

	phone: 1 (818) 889-2349		PST/PDT
	email: LPI@limbo.intuitive.com	(slow: phone preferred)

I have no connection with this other than that I am related to the
organizer, have made an email address available, and that I personally 
plan on being listed in a couple of different sections.  I do, none-
theless, encourage interested parties to contact LPI directly with 
any questions... 

Also, feel free to redistribute this announcement as you feel is
appropriate, including onto non-Usenet forums.

		Thanks for the bandwidth, all.

						-- Dave Taylor
Intuitive Systems
Mountain View, California

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