[biz.comp.services] Terms and Conditions of BBS's

eastick@me.utoronto.ca (Doug Eastick) (04/09/90)

To those who run BBS's for $$, or other services:

What kind of T&C's do you make your users abide by?  
Do you make them sign agreements whereby you disclaim any warranties, etc?
Do you ask for registration via postal mail, with payment?  If not,
	how do you ask for payment?
Do you ask for the subscribers age, to prohibit access to things like
	erotica, porno GIF's, etc?
If you offer copyrighted information (e.g. ClariNet) do you make your
	subscribers agree to the provider's T&C's?

After reading UUNET's conditions, and hearing about parents who were
peeved that their children were downloading porno-gifs, I am curious
what kind of things are being spelled out to users.

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