[su.jobs] Network Systems Programmer III

pleasant@rutgers.rutgers.edu (Mel Pleasant) (08/03/89)

The State of New Jersey is in the process of building a statewide
communications network for institutions of higher education.  This network
will ultimately handle data, video, and voice.  However for purposes of
this posting, it can be considered to be a state data network based on
TCP/IP, along the lines of NYSERnet and other similar projects.

The position described here is for a project at Rutgers University in
support of this network.  Nominally, we are creating a Network Information
Center for the network, however we do some things that a NIC normally does
not do.  These include helping to arrange connections for sites that don't
yet have dedicated IP connections, via UUCP, Phonenet, or whatever, as well
as giving technical advice to sites that have little or no network
experience.  (Unlike some other state networks, this one is intended to
include all the community colleges, small church-related schools, etc.)  In
addition, we run a timesharing system that has users using it from around
the State.  It is intended for faculty and staff from institutions that are
not yet fully integrated into the network, to give them access to network
facilities, and experience with the technology.  Finally, we wish to
produce innovative software technologies which will provide our users with
access to all sorts of information unavailable to them in the past.

What immediately follows is the University's official posting.  Don't let
the formal posting scare you off.  It is followed by a less formal
description of the type of tasks to be performed and the types of skills
needed to perform them.  Further questions about this particular position
may be addressed to me, Mel Pleasant at (pleasant@rutgers.edu,
...!rutgers!pleasant, mpleasant@zodiac.bitnet - please note the "m" before
the "pleasant" in the BITNET address).

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		 Center for Computer and Information Services
		 Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey

			    Systems Programmer III

			Salary Range 26 - $32290-$43594
			   Retirement System - PERS
				 Grant Funded

Reporting to the Systems Programmer I, provides support for the New Jersey
Intercampus Network (NJIN) Project.  Administers the NJIN server/client
configuration to provide netnews and mail access to faculty and staff
throughout the State of New Jersey.  Provides system maintenance and support
on a daily basis.  Works closely with student systems programmers to provide
assistance and guidance in programming techniques and resolving difficult
program bugs.  Serves as liaison with users at other colleges and
universities involved in the project.  Creates and/or maintains operating
systems, monitors software packages, compilers, assemblers, utility programs
and network hardware and software.  Supports applications programming,
provides hardware/software planning and evaluation and modifies vendor
software packages.  Develops programming standards, oversees technical
education, insures systems efficiency and integrity and optimum utilization
of available hardware and software.  Provides computer and teleprocessing
hardware evaluation.

Requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field or an
equivalent combination of education and experience plus approximately two
years of systems programming experience and at least one year of direct
customer services support.  Experience with Unix operating system, SUN
hardware and software, heterogeneous environments, TCP/IP including gateway
and terminal server technologies, SMTP, UUCP, and Netnews as well as
excellent communication and interpersonal skills also required.  Familiarity
(MS-DOS) and personal computer terminal emulation programs desirable.

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The successful candidate will be involved in many of the technical and
implementation aspects of the project.  These include installing Sun
workstations and X-terminals, administering user accounts on a central
server, installing and maintaining databases of information pertinent to
member institutions, communicating with technical staff of member
institutions, visiting member institution sites to help with installations
of network and other related software packages, establishing regional
Netnews newsgroups of interest to the community, advising sites having
little or no networking experience, etc....

We're looking for a person who has experience with administering a Unix
system, who has dealt with the common networking related software found
there, who doesn't mind some work related travel and finally, who isn't
afraid to communicate with people face to face.  You have to be energetic -
this position requires lots of energy.  Of course, the more you know about
network related issues and software, especially where other system types
are concerned, the better a candidate you'll be.  A recent college
graduate, working in/for a medium-to-large multi-vendored networked
academic computing environment for two years or so, could very well fit the

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If you believe you're interested in this position and wish to apply, you
may send a copy of your resume to me via US mail addressed to:

	Mel Pleasant
	H019 Hill Center - CCIS
	Rutgers University
	P.O. Box 879
	Piscataway, N.J.  08855-0879

Resumes will be *gladly* accepted via electronic mail.  The easiest format
to deal with is PostScript of course.  However, I've access to Scribe, TeX
et.  al., and the *roff family of text processors as well.  I ask that you
use standard fonts as I don't wish to debug your resume source file.
Include any special instructions for processing your resume as well.

Ultimately, your resume and cover letter will need to be processed by our
Personnel Department.  The university loves to collect statistics which
might indicate which channels should be used for a given job posting.  In
your cover letter, please include a statement to the effect that you are
applying for the Systems Programmer III position posted in the USENET
Computer Conferencing System.

Do not, I repeat, do not send resumes directly to our Personnel Department.
In order to bypass what would otherwise be a two week delay, I've been
granted permission to post this position to the network before a ``position
number'' has been assigned to it.  Without a position number, the Personnel
Department will not know onto which department your paperwork should be

                                  Mel Pleasant
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