[su.jobs] Job in Graphics / Visual Programming Languages

jmd@granite.dec.com (John Danskin) (08/08/89)

The Place:

    Digital Equipment Corporation
    Advanced Technology Development. Palo Alto.

    We started PEX. We did the sample X11 implementation for MIT.  Now
    we do graphics on state of the art RISC workstations.  Our group is
    bright, informal, and open to new ideas and approaches.  We value
    and support creativity, responsibility, and craft.

The Job:
    Adding features to / helping design a visual language implemented
    in scheme (lisp dialect) and C, running on X and PEX, under UN*X.
    The language is centered around 3D graphics, modeling and
    animation. We need to extend the language, add more modeling and
    animation capabilities, and a framework for testing PEX software.

The Person:

    5 years experience, bs ee/cs, experience with UN*X, C, Lisp, X, 3D
    graphics.  Experience with visual languages would be great.
    Graduate degree ok.

Send resumes or queries to:

	Digital Equipment Corporation
	Jeanne Romano
	130 Lytton Avenue
	Palo Alto, Ca 94301


(we understand postscript, troff -ms, and ascii)
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