[su.jobs] Junior/Senior Positions in CAE/Logic Simulation Available in Silicon Valley

cwc@daisy.UUCP (C.W. Chung) (08/13/89)

Dazix (Daisy/Cadnetix) has several openings in the CAE areas in the design
center at Mountain View, CA.  The generic requirement for these software engineering
positions are: 
	- solid in C under UNIX
	- a team player, yet independent and takes initiative
	- good communications skills
	- BS CS/EE required, MS CS/EE preferred

The following are the positions summary:

* senior/staff software engineer in logic simulation
	- hardware background is required
	- related experience in logic simulation is highly desirable
	- 5+ years in software development
	- project leadership experience is highly desirable

* senior/staff software engineers in hardware accelerator for simulation
	- must have proven leadership and technical management skills
	- 5+ years in software development in CAE 
	- 2+ years in project leadership

* software engineer in test-pattern generation tools
	- 2+ years experience in related field
	- hardware background is required

* entry-level/senior software engineer in graphics and user-interface (simulation front-end)
	- experience in X window graphics helpful
	- senior position requires related experience

We are the pioneer in the CAE area.  We offer a stimulating, exciting,
dynamic and small-group environment.  Dazix is a $200 million company.
Competitive salary, benefits, equal-opportunity , etc.

Please send your resume to me through e-mail, fax or US mail.  Thanks.

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