[su.jobs] Job Opportunity for Medical Electronics Professionals

mcmahan@netcom.UUCP (Dave Mc Mahan) (01/26/91)

This is a posting for the submission of your resume in consideration for
permanent employment.  We are looking for professional software and
hardware designers/managers WITH MEDICAL EXPERIENCE.  We are not looking
for new graduates or those without a job history in the medical field.

Ventritex is a company located in the South San Francisco Bay area.  We
are in the business of designing medical electronics, specifically
implantable heart defibrillators.  This is a surgically implanted device
that will monitor the heart and provide electrical stimulation for a
variety of problems.  We currently have one model undergoing implant and
are waiting for final FDA approval on it.  We also produce support
equipment to facilitate operation of the defibrillator.  Future versions
of the defibrillator and support equipment are being actively designed
and tested.

We are looking for people with experience in the design of hardware and software
for medical electronics.  A background in FDA data submission is extremely
helpful for you in qualifying for this job.  We will consider others who
have a proven ability to work in a medical environment.  Additionally,
you must provide proof of your right to work legally in the United States
upon being hired.

If you feel you meet the above qualifications, please e-mail your resume
to me (in strictest confidence) so that it may be considered further.  I
will look at all resumes sent to me and forward those that appear to be
viable.  If selected, you will be required to work in Sunnyvale, CA.  It
may be possible for you to be relocated at the expense of Ventritex should
you be selected.  Work is to be performed on a full time basis at the
company location.  A full range of benefits (including stock options) are
made available to those hired.  In my opinion, the benefits are quite good.

To submit your resume for evaluation, please mail it to:

    mcmahan@netcom.uucp     or:     apple!netcom!mcmahan

If you feel that you must send it via normal mail, the address you should
use is:

    Dave McMahan
    Ventritex, Inc.
    709 E. Evelyn Ave.
    Sunnyvale, CA  94089

Please, send your resume via one of the two methods listed above.  E-mail
is preferred.  Any phone calls for this opportunity will be politely
refused.  Resumes obtained from agencies or recruiting firms will be
considered, but must be superior for further consideration.

Once again, the attributes we are looking for are:

  1) Previous experience in the design of medical electronics hardware
     and software.

  2) Previous experience with the FDA regarding medical electronics.
     Participation in the submission of FDA reports and data is
     extremely useful.



  Dave McMahan, Senior Software Engineer
  Ventritex, Inc.

Dave McMahan                            mcmahan@netcom.uucp