[su.jobs] image processing possition at LBL

tierney@george.lbl.gov (Brian Tierney) (06/13/91)

                             Job Opening

        Image Processing and Visualization of Scientific Data
                in a Distributed Computing Environment

     Job Description

          Lawrence Berkeley  Laboratory  is  seeking  an  Imaging
     Technologist  /  Computer  Scientist  to  participate in the
     Imaging Technologies Group.  The job will involve  identify-
     ing,  developing,  and  implementing  techniques  for  image
     analysis and the display of data arising from a  wide  range
     of  scientific imaging applications at the Laboratory.  Work
     will be done in a  high  performance  computing,  high-speed
     networking environment.

          The goal of the work is to provide reusable tools  that
     permit  the  exploration  of  large, complex, and frequently
     time varying  image  data  sets.  These  tools  must  couple
     closely  with  the scientific application to permit interac-
     tive exploration by users, but at the same time have  suffi-
     ciently  general  and  well  defined interfaces so that they
     will provide a  foundation  for  many  types  of  scientific


          The work will require understanding the scientific data
     well  enough to be able to identify and/or develop appropri-
     ate techniques for enhancement, analysis, segmentation,  and
     understanding,  particularly with respect to the the display
     of complex 3D scalar fields (e.g. tomography derived  data),
     as well as traditional 2D images.  In addition the work will
     involve the incorporation of  graphics  visualization  tech-
     niques  into  working  applications.  Close cooperation with
     the scientific community  will  be  necessary  in  order  to
     ensure the applicability of the work.


          The applicant must have experience in a wide  range  of
     computing  topics  including  image  manipulation,  display,
     enhancement, modeling, and analysis;  3D  graphics;  distri-
     buted  computing;  and  window  systems.   The  job requires
     extensive C, and some Fortran language  programming  experi-
     ence.   Experience  in  developing window based applications
     (preferably using the X window system), is desirable.  Work-
     ing  familiarity with all aspects of the Unix environment is
     required.  Experience in developing distributed applications
     in  the  BSD  Unix environment is desirable.  Experience and
     educational  background  in  mathematics,  physics,  optics,
     chemistry,  geosciences,  or  biochemical  applications, and
     video  equipment  and  techniques  is  desirable.   The  job
     requires  an interest and experience in designing and imple-
     menting software systems.  An MS degree or PhD in one of the
     scientific  fields mentioned, computer science, or a related
     discipline, or equivalent experience, is required.

          Send a copy of your resume to: Brian Tierney,  Lawrence
     Berkeley  Laboratory,  Imaging  Technologies Group, MS: 50B-
     2239,   Berkeley,   CA   94720     USA,    or    email    to