[tor.jobs] Positions at Array Systems Computing

rob@array (Rob Marchand) (01/04/90)

                     RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

Array Systems is a leading innovator in the world of advanced software 
development and scientific systems integration.  Our international
business growth has created opportunities for experienced Senior Analysts.

A Senior Software Engineer, experienced in structured development of
real-time systems, FORTRAN and image and signal processing is required.
Some familiarity with hardware interfaces and device drivers is desired.

A Computer Scientist and Senior Analyst with broad expertise in expert
systems, software, UNIX, C and MS-DOS are required to facilitate
development efforts.  Experience in the area of Structured 
Editor development is also desirable.

An M.Sc. in Computer Science or Engineering and 2 years related work
experience may enable you to join a uniquely qualified, highly motivated
team of talented scientists who enjoy exceptional personal and career
growth in addition to excellent remuneration.

Resumes and transcripts should be sent to:

		Attn: General Manager
		Suite 200, 5000 Dufferin Street
		Downsview, Ontario
		M3H 5T5