[tor.jobs] Business Systems Development

rob@array (Rob Marchand) (01/18/90)


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A group of Toronto business systems consultants has an exciting
opportunity for a computer science student with dBase experience
to develop micro-computer based estimating software, using
municipal property assessment information.

The successful applicant will demonstrate a good working knowledge
of MS-DOS and dBase IV.  He/she must be familiar with structured
programming techniques and possess good writing skills.  An 
ability to train users of the estimating system in a hands-on
environment is also desired.

The duration of this assignment, which is available immediately,
is projected to be approximately 18 weeks, based upon a 40 hour
week.  The hours of work are flexible.  A part-time schedule for
the balance of the school term, changing to full-time thereafter,
may be arranged if desired.

For further information, please contact Bernie Torbik at 

		(416) 736-0900	   (Days)
	or	(416) 789-9115	   (Evenings)

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