[u3b.config] Undefined symbol building /unix on 3B2/400

matt@iquery.uucp (Matt Reedy) (08/25/90)

I just bought a used 3B2/400 on which, when I try to build a new /unix, I 
get the message:

	External symbol sdi_fltinit is undefined; set to zero

First a dumb question: I searched all the files in /boot and /etc/master.d and
even the /lib & /usr/lib for this symbol, but to no avail.  Where is this
symbol coming from?

Second dumb question: why is it undefined?  I have a pretty vanilla 

	/400 w/4MB memory
	72MB internal disk
	SCSI host adapter w/307MB disk & cartridge tape
	2 PORTS boards
	1 EPORTS board
	NI (Ethernet) board

Running V.3.1 with the following optional software:

	Calc utilities
	Directory & File Mgmt utilities
	3B2 Extended Core Upgrade Package
	Editing Utils
	3B2 Enhanced Ports Utils
	Line Printer Spooling Utils
	10base5 Network Interface NI Package Rel 1.1
	Networking Support Utils Rel 1 Ver 1
	3B2 SCSI Host Adapter Utils Rel 1.0
	3B2 SCSI Disk Controller Utils Rel 3.0
	3B2 SCSI Cartridge Tape Utils Rel 2.0
	Shell Programming Utils
	System Admin Utils
	Terminal Info Utils
	User Env Utils
	Wollongong WIN/3B TCP/IP REl 2.1

I realize I could go back & reload the whole OS and options from scratch,
but I thought I'd seek the net.advice before resorting to this drastic

Any information provided with be G R E A T L Y appreciated!

Matthew Reedy                 UUCP: uunet!iquery!matt
Programmed Intelligence Corp.
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San Antonio, TX  78232        (512) 490 6684  Fax: (512) 490-3590