[u3b.config] StarLAN woes

bbh@mtek.com (Bud Hovell @ Mtek) (02/14/91)

We have a 3B2/400 and two 3B1s, all fitted out with StarLAN, and set up
in a daisy-chain with the 3B2 at the top of the chain. All the hardware
and underlying software seems to check out fine.

We are able to log in and send mail from either 3B1 to any other machine,
including the 3B2. We can send mail from the 3B2 to either of the 3B1s.

What we *cannot* do is log in from the 3B2 to either of the 3B1s.

I can't figure out what I am missing here. One problem in gaining a solution
is that the debugging output provides error messages which are (to me, anyhow)
quite cryptic, and I've no idea where they can be looked up to find out what
they mean. In some rare AT&T manual that I don't own, probably. :-)

This is the debugging output when I attempt to call from the 3B2 to one of
the 3B1s ('irish') on our StarLAN network ('mteknet'):

	$ cu -d irish

	Device Type mteknet wanted
	ProtoStr = eg
	Internal caller type TLI
	filelock: ok
	tlicall: bound to ATT.TLI
	t_connect to addr irish
	set interface TLI
	processdev: calling setdevcfg(cu, mteknet)
	gdial(nls) called
	chat: TCGETA failed, errno 13
	expect: ("")
	got it
	sendthem (<NO CR>???????)
	getto ret 6
	device status for fd=6
	tdmp for fd=6: Permission denied
	call _mode(1)
	_receive started
	got read error, not EINTR
	Lost Carrier
	call _rcvdead(4)
	call _bye(16)
	call cleanup(4)
	call _mode(0)

Can someone suggest what may be wrong here? Thanks for any help you may be
able to offer.                                         ^^^
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