[sac.general] SOLD!!

monsoor@csusac.csus.edu (Matt Monsoor) (12/04/90)

-> I am posting this for our Amateur Radio Club the 'River City ARCS'!
-> Have two(2) 'Systron Donner' Model 1626-01 MicroWave synthesizers (Sweep
-> Generators) for sale!  They cover the range of 40 MHz to 27Ghz, have a
-> Digital Readout with DBM meter(Digital), and a IEEE 488 Remote Control Port. 
-> They were Built in September 1982 and the warranty ended September 1983. 
-> I understand that when they were new they cost around $20,000!

The above equipment has been sold!!!  It sold in less than 12 hours from Posting
here on the net!!!   Thanks to all who contacted us, it was on a FCFS.
                                           (First Come First Sold)

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