[aus.sun-works] Problems getting our 24 bit X11R4 working on Sun's GS/CG12

sns@erm.oz (Stuart Nixon) (02/26/91)

Hi.  We have enhanced the MIT X11R4 server to support 24 bit displays
(while still supporting 1 and 8 bit displays at the same time).

Our server currently runs on Sun's CG8 and CG9 and the RasterOps's SPARC TC
24 bit board for SPARCstations.

We have recently received a Sun SPARCStation 2 GS.  This system uses the
CG12 24 bit frame buffer.

You will appreciate that we are 99.9% there - we have the 24 bit server, we
just need to mmap() the cg12 into the server.

Our problem:

None of our attempts to access the 24 bit frame buffer on the GS/CG12 work.

We badly need a simple example C program that shows how to 
map the 24 bit frame buffer into user space (and also to turn off the
monochrome layer).  Once we have that, the server should run fine on the GS.

Any documentation would also be nice - the only documentation we received
specific to the board was the packing slip!

By the way:  Does anyone know when OL 3.0 (with 24 bit support) is due out?

Thanks in advance... we sure need some help on this one.


Stuart Nixon,	sns@erm.oz.au

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