[alt.restaurants] A bucket of wings results in 12.5 wingless fowl.

v123gbrg@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu (01/20/90)


	Through my limited and sporadic travels, I have discovered
one of the most gross imitations of local quisine ever.  The Buffalo
Chicken wing.  Recipies have been nroadcast nationally on all of the networks, 
and many places serve "buffalo style wings", but to enjoy truly good
wings, there is one place, and one place only.  Duff's.  If anyone ever 
visits buffalo, it is located at the corner of Millersport and Sheridan Dr., 
not far from the I-290 Sheridan Dr. Exit.  All other wings, even in buffalo,
do not compare.
beware, though...
     "Medium is hot.  Medium hot is very hot.  Hot is Very, Very hot."

                                        Tim O'Brien (Attack Basselope)

ps. for brave souls, try Suicide with tobasco. without drinks.  It's 
a popular fraternity initiation

            When he opened the fourth seal I heard the fourth
         living creature say,  "Come!"  and behold a pale horse,
         and it's rider's name was Death and Hades followed him.
                   V123GBRG @ UBVMS.CC.BUFFALO.EDU