[sub.sys.st] Arcgsh

klute@heike.informatik.uni-dortmund.de (Rainer Klute) (06/01/90)

I just mailed Arcgsh V3.0 to Steven Grimm, the moderator of
comp.binaries.atari.st. So it will show up in that newsgroup really soon
now. To let you know what Arcgsh offers here is an extract from the
README file:

Arcgsh  is  a program that eases the calling  of  the  well-known 
archivers Zoo,  Arc, LHarc and Shar. Furthermore the programs Uud 
and Uue are supported to let you decode resp. encode binary files 
for handling with e-mail.  You can use your favorite file  viewer 
and  your favorite editor from Arcgsh without any need  to  leave 
the program.

With  Arcgsh it is no longer neccessary to start a  command-line-
shell,  "cd"  to  the directory where your archive  file  is  (or 
should be created),  remember the various archiver options  (each 
archiver has it's own set of options),  type them in and  finally 
start the program. With Arcgsh you can handle everything with GEM 
objects:  Dialog  boxes  let  you  select  program  options,  and 
filenames  are comfortably selected using the GEM  file  selector 

Arcgsh  serves  especially well for uudecoding and  unarcing  any 
stuff  received from computer networks.   The  programs  ZOO.TTP, 
ARC.TTP,  LHARC.TTP,  UUD.TTP, UUE.TTP, and SHAR.TTP are not part 
of the Arcgsh distribution. You have to get them elsewhere.

New in this version:
      -  LHarc is supported.
      -  Arc version 6.02 is supported.  (The former version  was 
      -  Again  a  new  and  very  different  configuration  file 
         format.  You cannot use your old configuration file  any 
         more.  Please create a new one!  (A conversion aid  from 
         old to new format is not given.)
      -  Documentation is in LaTeX format now.
      -  A huge bunch of internal code revirement has been  done. 
         Some of it you will notice:  TOS 1.4 support,  the  file 
         selection handler (a la Zoo dialog box) for all programs 
         (except Uud and Uue).

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