[nccn.issues] No Talks With the Innu

lorrilee@yunccn.UUCP (Lorrilee McGregor) (06/28/89)

"Goose Bay, Labrador - The Innu won't enter land negotiations until
Ottawa changes its arrogant land claims policy, native leaders have told
Indian Affairs Minister Pierre Cadieux. ... They told him that unless
the federal government treats the Indians as the first owners of the
land, which includes much of Labrador, negotiations would be pointless.
... Ottawa owes the Innu $5 billion for five years' use of their
resources he (Peter Peneshue) added. ... A $6 million environmental 
assessment of military flying activities will be completed this summer
but without Innu co-operation."

...The Toronto Star, Thursday June 22, 1989