[dk.general] CFP DCC-92

jst@iddth3.id.dk (Jorgen Staunstrup) (01/24/91)

WG 10.5                      Call for Papers                   WG 10.2
                           Lyngby, 6-8 January 1992

The purpose of this workshop  is to bring together researchers interested
in the design of provably correct hardware. The intention is to have a 
small informal workshop with focus on formal methods for designing correct 
circuits. In particular we would like to see presentations of methods that 
have been used in real designs. To keep this focus we will discourage
papers which primarily discuss tools or the theoretical foundations. The
program committee will be asked to observe these guidelines in their selection. 
Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

           - formal hardware design languages,
           - hardware design by transformation,
           - computing-aided design and verification of hardware,
           - methods of designing testable circuits,
           - analysis of circuit descriptions,
           - experience of the application of these techniques,
           - experience (good or bad) with formal methods.
The workshop  will be of interest  to researchers  in the area of formal
methods for hardware  design,  and to engineers  in industry  wishing to
keep abreast of this fast-moving and exciting field.

                        Programme committee

           Joergen Staunstrup, Lyngby (chairman)  
           Luc Claesen, IMEC
           Peter Denyer, Edinburgh  
           Mike Fourman, Edinburgh
           Geraint Jones, Oxford  
           Tom Melham, Cambridge
           Mary Sheeran, Glasgow  
           Robin Sharp, Lyngby
           P.A. Subrahmanyam, AT&T

In addition to paper selection the program committee will find a "responder"
to each paper selected for presentation. The responder will give a 5-10 minute
criticism of a paper just after the presentation and the option of getting
a 1-2 page contribution in the printed proceedings.

                          Call for papers

You  are  invited   to  submit  a  draft  full  paper
on a relevant  subject by 15th August 1991. Four copies should be sent 
to the chairman of the program committee:  J. Staunstrup.
Notification  of
acceptance  will be posted  by 15th October,  and revised  copies  of full
papers  must be received  by 1st December in order to be distributed  at the
workshop. The proceedings will be published by North Holland.

                        Local arrangements

The workshop  will meet at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby.
Robin Sharp is in charge of local arrangements.  We intend to
keep the cost of the workshop, meals and accommodation around Dkr. 2000
(US$ 350).  
Questions  about  the  subjects  of the  workshop  and  other  technical
enquiries can be addressed to one of the organizers:

           J. Staunstrup or R. Sharp, 
           Department of Computer Science, Building 344 
           Technical University of Denmark, 
           DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark 
   e-mail: jst@id.dth.dk  or robin@id.dth.dk 
   tel:    (+45) 45 93 33 32
   fax:    (+45) 42 88 45 30