[bionet.molbio.swiss-prot] How to sub to Genbank, EMBL, Swissprot, etc...

elliston@rob.UUCP ( Keith Elliston) (06/16/89)

I am trying to find out which databases I want to subscribe to (protein and
nucleic acid sequences...), and how to subscribe to them.  Currently we get
the Genbank, PIR, EMBL, Vecbase, and NAQ databases.  We get most of them 
through the folks at GCG, but we would like more frequent updates, so I would
like to get us subscriptions to the individual databases themselves.  

Also...  I would like to get the Swiss-prot database, and any other genetic
sequence databases that are applicable to DNA/RNA and protein sequence analysis.

So... does anyone have the info to sub to these databases (plus cost if avail-
able), and suggestions on which additional databases I might be interested in?
You can e-mail to me, and I will post a summary if it is desireable.



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kristoff@NET.BIO.NET (David Kristofferson) (06/17/89)


	This info should get you started in the right direction.

Database			E-mail address
--------			--------------
GenBank				genbank@genbank.ig.com
PIR				pirmail@gunbrf.bitnet
EMBL				datalib@embl.bitnet
Vecbase				gilbert@mitwibr.bitnet
NAQ				? Check with PIR on this
SWISS-PROT			datalib@embl.bitnet

				Dave Kristofferson
				BIONET Resource Manager

			     or	kristofferson@bionet-20.bio.net