[alt.great-lakes] Arnheim Paper Mill

SCVAX@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu (01/19/90)

      First, thanks to Carl Tausch for posting the reprint.

      Second,  this subject really hits close to home.
      My wife and I own some property on the river that this plant
      will use for its effluent, we're about three miles downstream
      and concerned about the effects the plant will have on our
      retirement acreage. 
      When we've gone back to the area for visits, neither of us have
      been that vocal in our opposition since the area is really dep-
      ressed economically and didn't think anyone would want a couple
      of outsiders messing things up.  But we were amazed at the depth
      and intensity of the opposition, even among friends in the timber
      and paper industry.  Seems they all know what happend to the Fox
      river and Green Bay since their mills went in and are worried 
      about the same sort of thing happening to the waterways of the

      One has to keep in mind that these are the same people who lobby
      to get things like maximum security prisons built in the area
      because jobs are so much in need.

      I doubt that the project will ever be built since enough local
      opposition and legitimate environmental concerns exist.  Anyone who
      remembers Sanguine/Seafarer/ELF will know how tough it can be to
      complete a project that does not have a great majority of the local

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      p.s.   the river in question (Sturgeon) is no more than 100 feet wide
             or so and the thought of the runnoff from a $1.2 BILLION dollar
             industrial facility being dumped really scares me.  Also, while
             the plant itself is planned for Baraga county, the watershed in
             that area flows northward into Houghton county (Chassell Twp.)
             and into Lake Superior via. the Portage ship canal  and Keweenaw