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  An Evening-Long Public Forum to Explore What's Next for America in Space.

 Sponsors: Princeton University, The Planetary Society, National Space Society

                          TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 7:30 pm
               McCosh Hall Auditorium 50, Princeton University

Almost twenty years have past since America first landed a man on the moon.
What  have we learned since then?  What should our goals be for the next
twenty years?  What policy decisions must be made now to achieve these goals?

The top space experts from across the nation are coming to Princeton University
to explore these questions.  This exciting and informative public forum will
feature talks, a panel discussion, and a question and answer session with these
eleven leaders who are shaping tomorrow's realities:

HARRISON SCHMITT:  Former astronaut and former U.S. Senator (New Mexico);
     One of only 12 men to walk on the moon.  Currently studying how to
     integrate the three planetary missions (Earth, Moon, Mars).

GEORGE BROWN:  Congressman for California; author of the Space Settlement Act.

FREEMAN DYSON:  One of the foremost thinkers of our time.  Currently at the
     Institute for Advanced Study. Author of _Weapons_and_Hope_, _Disturbing
     _the_Universe_, and _Infinite_in_All_Directions_.

GEORGE KOOPMAN:  President and CEO, American Rocket Company (Amroc).

JEREMIAH P. OSTRIKER:  Director, Princeton University Observatory.  Chairman,
     Princeton Astrophysics Department.  Served on the National Academy of
     Sciences' Committee on Space Policy.

HARLAN SMITH: Director of the MacDonald Observatory, University of Texas.

TOBIAS OWEN:  Professor of Astronomy, SUNY-Stony Brook; Noted space author.

JAMES BURKE:  Technical Editor of The Planetary Report, Technical Staff, JPL.

ALAN LADWIG:  Director of Special Projects, Office of Exploration, NASA.

GREGG E. MARYNIAK:  Executive Vice President of the Space Studies Institute;
     Professor of Space Resources & Manufacturing, International Space Univ.

J. RICHARD GOTT, III:  Professor of Astronomy at Princeton University.

Tickets for this extraordinary event are available to the public for just
five dollars each.  Use the form below to order advance tickets.  If spaces
are left, tickets will also be sold at the door.  For further information,
call (609) 734-4911, day or evening.

Tickets for a special banquet with the speakers are available $40/plate.
Banquet starts at 5:30 pm.  (This is a fund raiser to help raise needed
money for the event, too, so we appreciate all ticket purchases!)

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Please send me _____ tickets at $5 each to attend the Space Forum on Tuesday,

April 11 and _____ banquet tickets at $40 a plate.  Total enclosed: $______

Please make checks payable to Princeton Planetary Society.  Orders received
after April 5 will be held at the door.  Orders for banquet tickets must be
received by April 5.  A map and directions will be included with your tickets.

Name:_______________________________________ Phone: ________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP ___________________________________________________________

Please return this form to: Princeton Planetary Society
                            332 Walker Hall
                            Princeton University
                            Princeton, NJ 08544

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