[princeton.general] IEEE Meeting on Gene Sequencing and Computation

smd@occlusal.rutgers.edu (Stanley Dunn) (09/21/89)

For further information, contact one of the organizers listed
below, or smd@occlusal.rutgers.edu or kowtha@jvncc.csc.org.

                Molecular Biology Symposium:
      Genome Mapping: Future Computational Challenges

     Dr. Jacob Maizel heads the  modelling  section  of  the
National  Cancer  Instiute,  Frederick, MD. He has been very
actively involved with computational  aspects  in  molecular
biology in general. The title of his talk would be on : Com-
putational Challenges in understanding genome sequences.

     Dr. James Ostell is at the center for Biological Infor-
matics,  National Library of Medicine(NIH), Bethesda, MD. He
has spent considerable time in developing software  packages
for molecular biology applications and is very much involved
in the software standards. He will be focussing on  software
packages and considerations for standardizations and general
applicabilites in genome mapping.

     Dr. David Sankoff is a Professor of Mathematics at  the
University  of  Montreal.   His  book(co-authored  with  Dr.
Joseph B. Kruskal)  Time  warps,  string  edits  and  Macro-
molecules:  the  Theory and Practice of Sequence Comparision
(Academic Press, 1983) serves as an introduction in  to  the
theoretical  aspects  of  molecular  sequencing. His talk is
entitled: Models and Inference for Genomic Evolution.

     The symposium  approaches  some  aspects  of  molecular
sequencing  from the computational point of view. The speak-
ers are well versed both in the theoretical and the  practi-
cal considerations of the problem. The evening consists of a
short presentation by each of the speakers and then a lively
interactive discussion period.

     The symposium will be held on  Wednesday,  October  11,
1989  at  7:00  p.m. at Rockefeller University, York Ave. at
66th Street in the Caspary auditorium.

     For  further   information,   contact    Vijay   Kowtha
(201)932-4803,  Joe  Bogovic  (212)241-8032,  Robert  Heyman
(914)357-1230  or  Edna  Feher  (212)757-0610,   Ben   Caref