[princeton.general] Computer Music Concert!

paul@phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Paul Lansky) (05/07/91)

On Saturday evening, May 11th, in Taplin Auditorium on the Princeton
University Campus, there will be a concert of computer music. It begins
at 8 PM and admission is free.  Call 609-258-4241 for directions or 
any additional information.

All the pieces on the concert deal with views of aspects of the real
world, some trivial, and some profound.  It should be a very interesting
concert.  Here are (biased) capsule descriptions of the five pieces 
to be played.

Autumn Cove Spring Night, by Linda Seltzer
	A setting of some Chinese poetry, using a variety of interesting
	techniques to great effect.

Entering 212, by Alistair Riddell
	The sqeaky door in our computer lab, becomes the star of this
	delightful composition.

Longing For the Light, by Alicyn Warren
	An interview with an elder art historian about Rilke, aging,
	understanding and memory forms the basis of this very moving

People Underground,  by Katherine Norman
	This will be played with a video for which is was composed. The
	combination of music and video is extremely effective, and even
	a bit troubling.

Table's Clear, by Paul Lansky
	The composer and his two young sons set loose upon bottles, pans
	and dishes in the kitchen one evening form the sonic source for this
	piece.  Lots of fun.