[biz.misc] biz as an alternative?

peter@apexepa.UUCP (Peter Palij) (04/02/89)

In article <PINKAS.89Mar31130213@hobbit.intel.com> pinkas@hobbit.intel.com (Israel Pinkas ~) writes:
>There are some other issues to consider.  Should the Usenet carriers have
>to pay for the distribution of shareware.  There are many sites that rack
>up 3 and 4 digit phone bills just carrying Usenet.
>I consider crippleware, or software that self-destructs to fall into the 
>realm of commercialism.
>I think a better method would be to separate commercial software from
>non-commercial software.

It seems to me that we have a means of solving this.  Simply put "commercial"
software into biz.software and "crippleware" into biz.software.demos. This
would have two useful results. First, those sites which do not wish to
subsidize shareware authors (i.e., you must pay or suffer type software),
needn't carry the group. Sites which by policy or law cannot carry such
software also can refuse to subscribe to biz groups. Second, it will cause
a wider distribution of the biz hierarchy which should help focus related
posting and discussions.

Admittedly, until biz gets more than 2-3% distribution this may not be
an attractive solution, but doing it this way will probably solve the
distribution issue rapidly.

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