[biz.misc] Internship position wanted

wgem@cgch.uucp (Martin Gerhardt) (04/12/90)

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Kyros Massarat-Mechendi 		Freiburg, 12.April 1990 
Roetebuckweg 51 
D-7800 Freiburg
West Germany

		Application for an Internship position

Dear Sirs,

I am in the sixth year of medical school and will take  my  final
examination (``3.Staatsexamen'') in November this year.

In West Germany is it required to do 18 months  internship  after
the study to get the doctors licence. This brings me to my reason
for writing to you.  I am intrested in doing the internship or  a
part of it in your country.

Could you please send me information about internships  that  are
possible  in  your country plus any corresponding documents which
might be available and any addresses which might be useful to  me
to obtain further information.

In addition, please note that I was born in West Germany,  but  I
am  an  Iranian  national.  If  my Iranian nationality causes any
problems with my Visa, work permit or job application please  in-
form me.

Yours faithfully

Kyros Massarat-Mechendi 
D-7800 Freiburg 
West Germany