[biz.misc] Ziff Davis Magazines

sookie@well.sf.ca.us (Sarah Stambler) (10/10/90)

Now you can request a FREE issue of a Ziff Davis Magazine
via BBS!
Call 212-749-8427 via modem, 24 hours, 1200/2400-8-N-1, to           
sign on, with ZIFF DAVIS, enter ZIFF DAVIS for first & last                    
name and GO for password.
Call in for a free issue and receive a free gift once you
become a paid subscriber:
COMPUTER SHOPPER - Get over 1,000 bargains in every issue of
Computer Shopper, the direct buyer's market place.
   FREE GIFT: Best of Tech Help! Diskette
PC MAGAZINE - get the most thorough product evaluations from the
industry's PC PS/2 product testing authority, PC Magazine
   FREE GIFT: Vol. I & II Utilities Diskette
PC/COMPUTING - The cutting edge in computer magazines devoted to
keeping you one step ahead of the rest.
   FREE GIFT: Best of DOS Help! Diskette
MACUSER - The monthly magazine devoted to helping you
get the most out of your Mac system and software.
     FREE GIFT: Hints and Tips Diskette

mpledger@cti1.UUCP (Mark Pledger) (10/12/90)

What is this posting doing here?  Get real!


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