[dfw.general] Boykin Honored

gary@mic.UUCP (Gary Lewin) (08/06/89)


On Friday evening, August 4, 1989, a surprise banquet was held by The
DFW Society of UNIX(r) System Administrators (AKA- Lunch-Bunch) to
honor Charles F. Boykin.  An award was presented recognizing Charlie
as the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) UNIX(r) System Administrator of 1989.

Charlie, the creator of system killer (now known as attctc), was
further recognized for the many selfless hours spent providing support
to the regional, national and international computing community.

The banquet itself had been arranged using a secret mailing list over
a period of 4 weeks and came as a complete surprise to Mr. Boykin.

Gary Lewin

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