[dfw.general] Results: USENIX Poll: Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants near Dallas, TX

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Be sure to call ahead to make sure of the hours, prices, and get
directions.  About half the info comes from a three year old posting.

* There is a very good vegetarian restaurant in Whole Foods Market,
2218 Greenville Ave, Dallas, 824-1744.  It is in the central Dallas
area and is listed in the phone book.  The menu includes soups,
salads, black bean tacos & chalupas, tempeh burgers, vegetarian main
dish specials etc.  There is also one at Coit and Beltline, in
Richardson, 699-8075.

* 'The Dream Cafe', 2800 Routh, Oak Lawn area, north of Dallas, and
while not entirely vegetarian, serves excellent vegetarian fare.  Its
certainly well worth a visit.  Take Worthington west from McKinney,
near Routh street.  Its in the Quadrangle area.  Ask around.

* Kalachanddji's, 5430 Gurley Ave. (I 30 & East Grand) 821-1048.
Mostly Indian Food.  Some Vegan.  Run by Hare Krisnas.  I've found the
HK usually make some of the *worst* Indian food.  But this one was
reviewed in VT as one of the best veg. rest. in the country!

Kalachanddji's is a truly wonderful dining experience, but I should
caution vegans that there is essentially only one dinner served each
night, and many of the dishes will contain dairy products.  (There's
also a very nice salad bar which is part of the dinner.) When I went
there about a year ago, the people were *very* willing to accomodate
me, and I had no problem getting a great meal. (I went there twice in
one week!).

* If you're into macrobiotic food, and don't mind paying a bit more
for a good meal, try Francis Simun's macrobiotic bed & breakfast for
dinner. (It's in the yellow pages.)  He runs the restaurant out of his
house, and you *must* make reservations at least 24 hours in advance,
as he buys the food only when he knows someone will be coming to dinner.

* Plaza Health Food Store, 6924 Snider Plaza, 363-2661.  The oldest in
Dallas.  Not really a restaurant, but they have a "Juice bar."

* Roy's Nutrition Center, Preston Royal Plaza, 130 Preston Royal
Center, 987-0213

* Sundrops, Oak Lawn.  521-0550. They have a loft cafe.  (It's a
health food store).  [I ate here in 1987.  Good solid lunch! -len]

* Sunhealth, 3018 Mockingbird Ln, 369-5425.  Nice cafe and store.

* Bluebonnet Cafe, 2218 Greenville Ave.; 828-0052

* Macrobiotic Resturant, 850 Greenville Ave., 385-7773 1 Mile N of the
LBJ on Greenville.

* India Palace, Preston above LBJ Freeway.  Has vegetarian lunch
buffet until 2:30.  All you can eat for $5.95!!

enjoy -len

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Printed copies of the list of Dallas veggie restaurants are on one of
the bulletin boards in the registration area in the Grand Kempinski at

Or see me personally.

enjoy -len