[dfw.general] CPT to PC/Word Perfect

jdp@caleb.UUCP (Jim Pritchett) (02/13/91)


I may need to convert some legal documents from an old CPT system (word
processor?) to PC / Word Perfect.  The CPT system uses the old (ancient)
8 inch drives.  Has anyone out there done this before?  What is the best
way to do it?  Does anyone out there know anything about the old CPT

P.S.  Obviously, if I can get the data to the PC in a known format, I can
easily convert it to WP format.



                                                Jim Pritchett

UUCP:  texsun.central.sun.com!letni!rwsys!caleb!jdp
 or    spudge.lonestar.org!caleb!jdp
 or    letni.lonestar.org!dms3b1!caleb!jdp

claire@sugar.hackercorp.com (Claire Sanford) (02/14/91)

If you can send the f{ile via the modem, you can send it to a company
called MicroType...  They do conversions.. and have worked wonders for me!