[psu.questions] Problem of breaking DOS 640K RAM limit?

HJW2@PSUVM.BITNET (03/03/89)

I have an IBM AT compatible with 512K on board.  Recently I installed another
512K to bring it up to 1 Meg. and found out it a waste for anything over 640K.
I am using DOS 3.3 which only recognizes 640K RAM.  The only thing I can do is
to create a ram drive which is useless to me.  I know PS/2 50s can address 1
Meg. without any problem.  Is there a way to 'tell' the system to use the extra
384K memory as normal?  I am using the Microsoft Windows/286 and know it can't
be so powerful if I have only 640K RAM.

Any comments on this problem would be appreciated.  I will post the solutions
if there are enough responses.  Please e-mail me or post in the net.  Thanks!

Hawjan  HJW2@PSUVM

HDK@PSUVM.BITNET (H. D. Knoble) (03/10/89)

There is two ways for you to utilize the 1M-640K as RAM:

1) Install a LIM (Lotus-Intel-MicroSoft) board. This allows DOS to access
   memory above 640K by a remapping of addresses by an algorithm called
   the LIM standard. PC Magazine has several ads discounting such boards.
   This algorithm is sometimes called the EMS (Expanded Memory Simulator).
   In order for it to be useful, a software product (like Kedit) must
   support EMS memory. Most products by Lotus and MicroSoft do. But
   the board does not allow general programs to address more than 640K.

2) There is a software product that will effect 1) above, called
   EMSimulator. This is available for $50. from:

          Orders Only:               Information/Orders
     (800)821-5226 Ext. 435            (808)737-3809

                     Kam & Associates, Inc.
                  3615 Harding Ave.  Suite 401
                     Honolulu, Hawaii  96816

   There is an evaluation copy of EMSIM here that you could come and
   copy. It's good for 1M; the production version is good for 8M if
   you have that much real storage. The disadvantages of the software
   product are that it takes 70K below the 640K line to run; it is
   software so it will use CPU (not that noticable on a PS/2 50 using
   Kedit); and there are conflicts using a RAM disk (VDISK.SYS) and
   EMSIM together - i.e. directories and files get randomly changed.