[psu.questions] screen clearing

BRL102@PSUVM.BITNET (Ben Liblit) (09/12/89)

Is there any way to clear the screen in VS Pascal (running under VM/CMS)?  I've

     termOut (output);
     page (output);

but it doesn't work.  Any ideas?

                                 Ben Liblit
                                 BRL102 @ PSUVM.BITNET

DLB@PSUVM.BITNET (Dan Bernitt) (09/13/89)

The PAGE procedure is only for printer files.  To clear the screen,
Use the CMS procedure and issue the VMFCLEAR command:
    var rc:  integer;
        cmd:  string;
  procedure cms(const cmd:  string;  var rc:  integer);  external;

Any CP/CMS command can be issued this way.